November 2014

Problem Gambler jailed for fraud because of his habit

Problem Gambler jailed for fraud because of his habit Thornton, L. (2014). Gambler jailed for fraud because of his habit hounded IN PRISON by bookmakers. Available: Last accessed 14th Dec 2014. A disgraced accountant jailed for fraud after becoming addicted to online gambling was “hounded” by bookmakers trying to tempt him back.  David Bradford, 58, a […] Read more

Problem Gambling in the Financial Services Sector

Telegraph By Olivia Goldhill (5:20PM GMT 28 Nov 2014) With a new Priory clinic opening in the Square Mile, can big hitters still cope with their fast-paced lifestyles? Successful professionals may have exorbitant salaries, four-storey houses in Notting Hill and holiday homes in Monaco, but behind frosted executive windows, many are struggling to cope with life in […] Read more

Corporate fraud cases soar

Businesses are increasingly falling victim to fraud – most of it committed by their own employees, new figures show. The number of cases in the South West soared by 136% last year to 33, from 14 in 2013, according to accountants KPMG’s latest Fraud Barometer.  Thirteen firms in the region were hit by the crime […] Read more

Young Gamblers Education Trust

EPIC Problem Gambling Consultancy are thrilled to be working with not-for-profit partner, the Young Gamblers Education Trust. The shared personal stories of the respective founders and their shared commitment to advocate responsible gambling among young people is what makes this partnership particularly strong. Young Gamblers Education Trust has a simple, yet powerful mission ‘to inform, […] Read more

Gambling at Work Policy – A must

Less than 5% of organisations have a gambling at work policy. One problem gambler in a position of trust can bring down an entire organisation – Nick Leeson being an example when he brought down Barings Bank. Whilst Leeson’s case was extreme it is not uncommon and certainly highlights that companies need to be much more […] Read more