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“One of the UK’s fastest and most expensive addictions is being completely unidentified and ignored.”

“Whilst problem gambling is a recognised organisational issue, EPIC is the only provider of solutions, utilising an effective combination of senior management business acumen, industry collaboration, and the experience of suffering and overcoming a pathological gambling disorder”

AON - Jack KelliherAON - Jack KelliherAON
Having met with Paul Buck, Founder and Managing Director of EPIC, we at AON are keen to build a relationship with Paul and his team.  It is a credit to EPIC that they have identified the negative impact that problem gambling can cause to UK businesses, at all levels, and have developed a comprehensive and scalable solution that can fit in with any organisations needs.  The ideas and strategy of EPIC will reduce risks of my clients, and ensure that duty of care is fulfilled to all stakeholders.
Steve - DirectorSteve - DirectorInsurance Company
The figures on problem gambling are frightening and EPIC made us realise that there was a shortfall in our HR procedures, especially concerning duty of care for our employees, shareholders and customers.  We initially considered replicating our drink and drugs policy but EPIC made us realise that it is a very different beast.   Money well invested for our company's security.
Lee WillowsLee Willows
Working with Paul is an inspiration. Through his personal experience he is able to adopt a common sense approach to gambling addictions and managing the potential risks within the workplace. Paul is also hugely generous with his time as he supports a number of charities that support young people with addictions too. If you are seeking a professional, cost effective consultancy I can think of nobody better that EPIC Problem Gambling Consultancy.
Young Gamblers Education TrustYoung Gamblers Education Trust
Paul is a Trustee of the Young Gamblers Education Trust. This is a voluntary position and I am hugely grateful to have somebody of Paul's calibre involved in our work. He is an expert networker, brilliant at public speaking and has exceptional business acumen. It is Paul's direct input that is really helping our organisation to become established and respected within the sector.




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EPIC Young Gamblers Education Trust


The Young Gamblers Education Trust is a pioneering education charity to specifically inform, educate and safeguard young people against problem gambling and support those affected by a gambling habit or addiction. Opportunities for young people to gamble are all around us with Casino’s open 24 hours a day in every major city, betting shops on almost every High Street and a tenfold rise in on-line gambling among tech savvy young people, the need for the Young Gamblers Education Trust is absolutely critical.