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EPIC was founded by a former senior banking professional who suffered, and overcame, a pathological gambling disorder between 2003 – 2011.  During this period he transacted £4.8m and lost £1.3m with devastating consequences for his employer, his family, his finances and his psychological wellbeing.

EPIC now uses this unique blend of business acumen, unparalleled support networks and pathological gambling experience to provide solutions to an ever increasing issue in a professional, collaborative way.

EPIC intends to take the problem out of gambling for anyone who uses our programme.  By doing this we will improve people’s lives and ensure that both individuals and organisations stay safe.

As part of the EPIC offer, one-on-one executive support is available with both our founder and a highly qualified team of therapists and associates.

To seek confidential executive support, please use the contact form provided or any of the other forms of contact.

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