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EPIC - Issues

Problem gambling is potentially the most destructive addiction in both the UK and globally. The latest surveys suggest that there are around 1/2 million problem gamblers in the UK, with 60,000 between the ages of 11-15, but the reality is that there are many more due to it being the ‘hidden addiction’. The effects of problem gambling go beyond the gambler themselves with family and friends, workplaces, the community and society also experiencing huge negative effects. EPIC believes that the UK should adopt a four step approach that would see a huge reduction in the issue over the next decade.

EPIC - Issues
One of the devastating effects of gambling addiction is the financial ruin often experienced by not only the problem gambler, but their friends, family and employers. EPIC’s individual support page, highlighted below, signposts some of the best charities that can help with debt management advice. EPIC is also going to invite several financial industry experts to provide insight into financial issues in the UK and highlight the way that money can be spent essentially for positive financial planning once problem gambling is controlled.
Our first piece is written by Jonathan Darwen of True Potential Wealth Management. Jonathan was recently awarded “Top Rated IFA” by after being recommended by his clients. He explores the ‘savings gap’ and a completely different ticking time-bomb even without the devastating effects of problem gambling.