Our Values

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EPIC’s founder started the company because it was clear that there were no high quality support services for organisations, or their stakeholders, in the arena of problem gambling.  EPIC has brought together a team of respected, professional experts to take the problem out of gambling. These are our values of how we will achieve this:
Our Values:
Act with Honesty & Integrity
  • We are open, honest and consistent
  • If we can help you then we will. If we can’t help you then we will tell you that we can’t
  • We build trust by doing what we promise and by building relationships
Provide Customer Service Excellence
  • We know we are the best and we demonstrate it consistently
  • We put the client at the heart of everything that we do
  • We involve our clients at every stage of the process and listen to what they really need
Collaborate with Industry Leaders
  • We bring together specialists in all areas of problem gambling
  • We use people to their strengths, be that HR, compliance, risk or management
  • We have the support of regulators, charities, industry experts and treatment providers across the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World
Commit to Social Responsibility
  • We improve lives by combatting problem gambling, the World’s potentially most destructive addiction
  • We report our social impact on a monthly and annual basis
  • We commit financial support, and time, to leading gambling charities