Problem Gambling at work accreditation

Problem gambling at work

EPIC are the only gambling consultancy to offer accreditation status for organisations who have used their work and put sufficient protections in place around this issue. The accreditation is backed, or supported, by some of the leading authorities, charities and treatment providers of gambling and risk management, in the UK, Ireland and across the world.

EPIC Problem Gambling Consultancy | Accreditation

Problem gambling is a recognised organisational issue and yet EPIC is the only provider of solutions.  EPIC utilises an effective combination of senior management business acumen, industry collaboration and the experience of suffering, and overcoming, a pathological gambling disorder.

Accreditation for problem gambling at work.  Employee wellbeing is established as a primary focus in HR departments all over the UK.  However EPIC’s research has been unable to find a company with either a satisfactory Gambling at Work Policy. or a fit for purpose pathway of support, for an employee suffering a gambling disorder.