Problem Gambling in Executive Positions

executive-support for problem gambling

Financial, regulatory and legal vulnerability

Statistics prove that employees who gamble in executive positions provide the greatest financial, regulatory and legal vulnerability to an organisation.  Executives usually have greater access to money, more security clearance, company credit cards and less monitoring of their time and attendance.

It is often those in responsible positions who make the bigger decisions in an organisation which can affect individuals in different ways. For those who are taken out of their comfort zone then gambling can become a release and comfort zone, when in reality it can cause individual and organisational risk. For those who enjoy the buzz of big decisions then gambling can become a way of replicating that buzz more regularly.

How we can help your organisation

EPIC works with organisations to ensure that they understand the risk of gambling to their

  • turnover,
  • profit,
  • reputation,
  • employees.

By putting preventative and identification strategies in place and, more importantly, a clear pathway of support, individuals with a gambling problem can be treated effectively and brought back to full mental equilibrium and productivity.

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