Problem Gambling in Professional Sport


New research published at the PPF Conference at Edgebaston (December 2014) showed that problem gambling in professional sport amongst male sportsmen is significantly higher than the general population of young males. These worrying statistics show that only 25% of sportsmen have received responsible gambling education even though 89% had found the education useful.

The potentially destructive profile of an out of control gambler

EPIC recognises that untold salaries and spare time are a prime environment for problem gambling in professional sport.  If you add a naturally competitive character, then you have a potentially destructive profile of an out of control gambler.  This can lead to catastrophic financial implications, complete loss of form and in extreme circumstances health issues and even suicide.

Discreet, professional psychological solutions

EPIC provides discreet, professional psychological solutions targeting top professional players and management teams.  We provide flexible solutions.  Our tailored educational programmes, either as a group or individually, demonstrate the risks of problem gambling and help prevent addiction.