Problem Gambling in Sales Positions


Employees with high salary jobs can be more susceptible to gambling problems

An employee who relies on sales performance to earn a living can often be susceptible to gambling problems for a number of different reasons.

It is difficult for an employee to rely on sales and league table position without becoming competitive. This level of competition and targets can take many out of their comfort zone and gambling can become their coping mechanism and emotional crutch.  If an employee has targets to hit, but often doesn’t, then they often find ways to try to make up the difference in salary in other ways, often leading to gambling or theft.

Our work with organisations

EPIC works with organisations to ensure that they understand the risk of gambling to their organisation and puts preventative and identification strategies in place to ensure companies sustain their capacity to grow.

Our work with stakeholders

Most importantly, we ensure that a clear pathway of support is in place for any stakeholder who suffers a gambling problem.

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