Problem Gambling in the Armed Forces

Problem gambling in the armed forces

Problem Gambling in the Armed Forces

Opportunities to gamble have increased significantly over the last decade and EPIC has been made aware of a potentially serious gambling issue throughout the armed forces.

The profile of a problem gambler is often an individual with excess time and a competitive personality. Often, as with sports professionals, problem gamblers will try to recreate a buzz or adrenaline rush. Whilst sports professionals will replicate the winning goal, try or conversion a soldier will replicate the adrenaline of combat.

Identifying the risks and putting in preventative measures

Soldiers (current and former) who suffer from PTSD and other Mental Health issues are considered ‘vulnerable’ and more at risk to developing a problem with gambling.

Ensuring fit for purpose pathways of support are available

EPIC is working with current and ex-military to tackle this issue through education in the first instance and ensure that fit for purpose pathways of support are available for this already suffering with gambling addiction.  It is not difficult to think of the potential consequences if a seviceman or woman is not concentrating in combat due to a gambling disorder.