Problem Gambling Services

EPIC Problem Gambling Consultancy Services

Stage 1


Initial Audit and risk assessment, full interpretation and report

Stage 2


Implementation and on-going support

Stage 3


Accreditation and review

EPIC - Services - stage1
EPIC - Services - stage2
EPIC - Services - stage3

Our problem gambling service involves an initial audit and risk assessment. Once the audit has been completed a full report containing all recommendations is written and presented to all affected departments and to the main board.  The key reason for this is that, statistics suggest, that problem gamblers are often employed in positions of authority and often at executive level where significant financial and reputational damage can occur.  This dual reporting procedure ensures that our recommendations are not hidden by a problem gambler.

This is where our expertise will assist our clients in getting the highest level of success by implementing the programme fully across all sectors of the organisation. This will almost always include a gambling at work policy, management training, establishing a clear pathway of support and real time updates and support on an on-going basis.  The content of the programme will vary from client to client and in all cases be tailored to specific needs. We work with the UK’s leading providers of therapy and treatment for Problem Gamblers.

EPIC’s relationship with organisations is designed to be long term, as gambling is an ever increasing problem with changing legislation with regulatory implication. EPIC provides consistent and timely reviews and all clients will receive annual renewal of EPIC’s accreditation. Success for EPIC isn’t just measured in statistics or numbers.  It’s also the families that are kept together, the companies whose reputations remain intact and the Problem Gambler who faces his or her addiction head on and returns to psychological equilibrium.

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