We’d like to thank and recommend the guys at EPIC. Both players and staff walked out of the workshop with an insight and understanding into the scale of gambling addiction. The instant impact which the stories carried, backed up by the questions asked are definitely a recipe for a positive approach to how this is managed within the CFC academy. We all look forward to working with you again next season.

Jack Francis, Head of Lifestyle and Mentoring (May 2017)


The Rugby Players’ Association engages EPIC Risk Management to deliver interactive education sessions to our professional rugby playing members.  Professional athletes are recognised as being at greater risk of developing gambling issues than the general public and so we need to provided interactive education for our members in an impactful way. In doing this and by the use of personal stories and experience, EPIC have exceeded expectations, not only in providing top quality education but also valuable advice and guidance at a strategic level.

Richard Bryan, RPA Rugby Director  (July 2016)


As part of our Player Wellbeing Programme at Rugby Players Ireland, we aspire to deliver professional and impactful support to all our members. EPIC, as an organisation, has worked with other professional player associations and came highly recommended, not just by the staff at the associations but by the players who attended the sessions. On the back of this we invited Paul and Justyn to Ireland to present to our professional rugby teams, and the feedback was extremely positive. Their use of personal stories and the hard hitting reality of gambling addiction provided some real insights from our members. Paul has been very proactive in providing support after the education sessions and we look forward to working with EPIC again this season.

Deirdre Lyons – Rugby Players Ireland, Player Development Programme Manager


There are a lot of dangers in the world for young people now and I am particularly interested in helping out with the education of young cricketers with all the worries and concerns of online gambling and getting into bad habits. If we can educate people, make them aware of the pitfalls and get insight from people who have been down that route and fallen foul then, hopefully, they can be warned about the potential dangers. Sportsmen, in particular, do find themselves with time on their hands. When I played people would go to a betting shop if they wanted to have a flutter. Now the temptation to bet online is great. In the social media world it’s very easy to get into that.

Graham Gooch, England Cricket legend who funded EPIC’s programme with the PCA


“Paul’s session was a real eye-opener. It’s an amazing story but a shocking story, the way Paul put it across was fantastic. It’s all about creating awareness. Hopefully it’s prevention rather than cure and will stop players across the country from falling into the pitfalls of gambling. It’s not just about looking at yourself but also looking out for your team mates. As cricketers we spend a lot of time together in dressing rooms and hotels up and down the country. It’s really important that we all look out for each other. If we see any concerning habits we need to speak up and look after each other as best we can.”

Daryl Mitchell, PCA Chairman and current Worcestershire CCC player


We have been grateful for the advice and assistance with our efforts to recover some of the financial damage through legal processes”

Iain Wolsey – Chairman, East India Club, St James’s Square, London


Kew House School logo

Justyn had our students absolutely engaged right from the beginning of his talk. His frank and honest approach made this talk very accessible to our sixth formers. Justyn’s willingness to answer questions and to challenge the students on their pre-conceived ideas about gambling meant that they left with lots to think about. Students were discussing the talk for several days after Justyn’s visit, which shows that his words had a lasting impact. We are grateful to Justyn for sharing his experience with us, I look forward to arranging further talks for our students.

Student quote:

‘It was a really insightful talk, I now feel empowered to make responsible choices about gambling in the future’

Tonbridge School logo

Justyn’s talk on gambling has already been touted by many of our boys as the best talk of the year.  He shared his own story of problem gambling with the boys, and its disastrous effects, which was particularly moving.  He also spoke of awareness of gambling addiction and of how to cope if in danger.  His manner of speaking was very engaging and utterly appropriate for a school audience – he kept them glued for a full 90 minutes.  Given the ease and prevalence of access to online gambling by children, this talk is utterly indispensable in a PSHE programme today.



Having met with Paul Buck, Founder and Managing Director of EPIC, we at AON are keen to build a relationship with Paul and his team.  It is a credit to EPIC that they have identified the negative impact that problem gambling can cause to UK businesses, at all levels, and have developed a comprehensive and scalable solution that can fit in with any organisations needs.  The ideas and strategy of EPIC will reduce risks of my clients, and ensure that duty of care is fulfilled to all stakeholders.